Plan C. And the C stands for COVID-19

Plan C. And the C stands for COVID-19

So, you want to get married during COVID-19, huh? Coronavirus-impacted weddings, COVID-19 weddings, etc., and other newly created labels for those whose wedding dreams deferred to a later date in light of the global pandemic.

Hang in there! The phrase we use when others struggle; however, what do we tell ourselves? My role as wedding planner involves nurturing and attentiveness, never more so than when a couple needs to reschedule the wedding the bride started crafting at the age of nine. I find more profound compassion for the couples whose wedding days depended on my impeccable conducting. With the orchestra suited up for assembly, what do you do when the worst happens? You realize it’s not the absolute worst. You understand everything in life fulfills its intention. It will work out. Even Better. It will work out better than our initial imaginations. 

The reschedules also serve as a reset for some couples. After having crafted a beautiful day, vision near ready for reality, comfort in knowing that wedding planning is doable, especially with helpful vendors willing to go the extra mile. Having a strong wedding support team allows more confidence in picking a new day and plotting new strategies with joyful amid the anxiousness.

What does Plan C look like? Smaller guest lists, based on the current recommendations, masks are required during the wedding ceremony. Reception tables should be spaced out seating family members together as much as possible, but this allows for more intimacy. The couples can spend 10-15 minutes socializing with each guest. Hand sanitizer should be available for guests to use, and guests should keep a distance of six-feet apart. Check with the local requirements as it is ever-changing, given the rate of COVID-19 incidence and containment.

The pandemic-impacted weddings of many couples and left much uncertainty, however, the certainty of love and the beauty of rejoicing with close family and close friends creates an atmosphere of the original intent of a wedding. The joining of two families and sharing friends and embarking on a new life together in oneness. With much talk about essential and nonessential workers, let us be clear that the wedding celebration is one of the most critical days in a couple’s life. And not disregarding the fun of a big, fat explosive soiree, the new atmosphere of social distancing calls for creating moments togetherness with the ones you genuinely love. Smaller weddings can allow for more special moments with the people you cherish most.

Plan C. And the C stands for COVID-19 by  Esther Avraham-d’Orlaque is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0

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