Refuel/Repeat for the Long Haul

Our current times force some of us to slow down, and with the new-relaxed pace lay new excuses. Instinctively, babies stretch their limbs upon awakening from sleep or a great nap. As we gain more control of our instincts, we suppress the natural urge in favor of scurrying out of bed moments faster. I considerContinue reading “Refuel/Repeat for the Long Haul”

Plan C. And the C stands for COVID-19

So, you want to get married during COVID-19, huh? Coronavirus-impacted weddings, COVID-19 weddings, etc., and other newly created labels for those whose wedding dreams deferred to a later date in light of the global pandemic. Hang in there! The phrase we use when others struggle; however, what do we tell ourselves? My role as weddingContinue reading “Plan C. And the C stands for COVID-19”

About Me

Hi, I’m Esther. Previously a sailor in the United States Navy led to my life in San Diego, California, in 2004. There I embarked on an organic, planet-conscious lifestyle. I am now a Houstonian who loves to venture off to glamp in Hill Country every chance I get. I infuse my love for creating elegant weddings on a dime with my flair for eco-luxury design. When not curating elements that make up your special day, I spend most of my time with my kids and husband. This blog focuses on mindful, intentional wedding design. I love finding new ways to create a fabulous, sustainable celebration while reducing waste in all aspects: financial, environmental, and emotional.

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