About Me

I majored in Pre-Law Political Science and English hoping to one day Perry Mason some witnesses. I traveled all 50 states before I was 30. Crossed the equator via a naval aircraft carrier. Joined the US Navy after 9/11 because I needed to find a way to serve my country. My pre-marriage and kiddoes checklist included travelling the world, so I visited several of the world’s hot spots. My favorite city is Jerusalem, second only to Singapore. I moved to Houston twice. First, back in the late 90s in my single girl quest to see the world on my journey as a flight attendant. Then, 9/11 shook our universe and I enlisted in the military. Most of my time, I sailed around United Arab Emirates and frequented Bahrain, Dubai, and Jebel Ali during our frequent port calls. On the final leg of my enlistment, I found my way back to familiar scenes-San Diego, California. While I enjoyed the California beaches, nothing comes to Texas hospitality, so I moved back to Houston this time with my new family in tow.

It wasn’t until I planned my own wedding did I understand the anxiety most brides feel. Let us alleviate the pressure and return to the joy and excitement- so you did a thing?!? You got engaged!!!! Yes, that feeling! I love quirky brides who find their own rules without shirking the idea that Martha Stewart knows best. Why do I love off-beat brides so much? Maybe, it’s because I was one of them. I started event planning because I love the way a pool of ideas come together into a thing of beauty, a day to be cherished. I honed in on weddings because I love being that support system in the time of a bride’s need. Planning a wedding on your own can be stressful, the vendors, the appointments, the family, and the all of the logistics. Oy! Fortunately, we enjoy designing weddings and managing wedding days.

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